Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Dream House Ever And Ever

Salam..Hye all..

Its been a long time I didn't update my blog..So, today feel like wanna talk about my dream house..hehe!!Ok, firstly, my dream house should look like a in fairy tale story, I just love a fairy tale story..

Just look at this house, my dream house..Im wonder who is the owner of this Castle, I'll be grateful if I meet him/her..If the owner a man, I can get married to him, so I will get the castle easily right???hehehe!!!But thank God I still have a good heart..Inside the house should be the most most beautiful design..and my living room have a WATERFALL..just like in this picture..

Oh my!!So is my kitchen..even though I may not cook but it is not complete if one house dont have a kitchen..maybe my family or my husband(haha
haha) can use this kitchen and cook for me..hehehe!!

My lovely kitchen will be the most comfortable kitchen in the world..And then, my bathroom have a complete PA system..because I love music..there will be a jacuzzi too..

Bathroom is a place where I can relaxing my body and mind..After that, my bedroom..Hmm, should be a romantic place in the house I guess..hahaha!!Well, my husband will be grateful to have ME as his wife..(hahaha)

Wow!!amazing..So romantic and beautiful bedroom..The important thing should be in m house is a library..I really love to read..I want my own library and there will a thousand or million books..So if I bored, I can reading..because I have a large library, that's why my house will be a family and friends also can borrow a book from me..hehehe!!!

My house also have a pool..actually I dont know how to swim now but I guess after I have my own pool I will learn how to swim..I want two swimming pool..hehehe!!

Is there anything else I forgot??I guess not..and for the conclusion, my house will look like this inside..

Finish..that's all about my dream house..If I have any idea for my future house I will post it..Ok, stay connect with my blog u all..Assalamualaikum..

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